Who are we ?

Bhartiya Jan Kalyan Seva Sansthan (BJKSS) is an non-profit organization or civil society organization. It is registered under the societies act 21-1860 Uttar Pradesh, India year of 2001. It has been established in District Shrawasti (Indo Nepal Border).The organization was founded by a small group of social activist and enthusiastic people like minded citizens who recognized that there is a greater need to intervenes in the present situation for the betterment of the society. BJKSS came in to existence for the upliftment of the Tribal, Dalit, Women, Children, Poor, Disabled Person and Minority.

Thus we constantly emphasis on community organization, mobilization, people participation and contribution. We aim to identify promoting a social harmony and national  integration through grass root development work. We promote holistic and participatory approach for community empowerment and rural advancement. We promote to using traditional, sustainable practices.




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This campaign is to support the education of 400 girls based in rural eastern U.P. whose education has been severely affect due to Corona Crisis. By donating just RS 13,200 you can support one girls student for an entire year that will include her school books and uniform as well.

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{COVID-19 CRISIS-Each One, Support One} 1000 Family Support. This campaign is to support the COVID crisis of 1000 family based in U.P. whose family has been severely affect due to Corona Crisis. By donating just RS 20,000, you can support one family.

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Our Health Initiative

BJKSS’s “Our Health Initiative” is all about changing the community behavior towards traditional health practices, generating the demands for all of the available govt. health services and strengthening the govt. health service systems.

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Our Education Initiative

BJKSS “Our Education Initiative” which works for the education of underprivileged children, out-of-school children who cannot afford proper schooling, children engaged in domestic and various professional activities, child labour, who are in difficult circumstances. There are children of poorest parents, children running away on the street, children with rare disabilities, provision of elective education for children affected by disaster.

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Child Right's Protection Initiative

BJKSS’s “Protecting Our Future” initiative seeks to facilitate long-term children’s rehabilitation and to advocate for children’s rights and protection nationwide. As child protection is our one of the high-priority issue, and works to secure their immediate safety and link them to long-term rehabilitation.

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Our Livelihood Initiative

Livelihood Initiative aims to improve the livelihoods of farmers and their families through progressive farming that decreases input costs, increases production, connects them with financial networks, and takes full advantage of government assistance.

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Environment Protection Initiative

BJKSS '' Environment Protection Initiative" is committed in conserving the natural resources and using them expeditiously to construe minimal damage to the environment.

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Women & Girls Skill Development Initiative

“Women & Girls Skill Development Initiative” aims to make women and girls self-dependent and empowered by creating employment and increasing livelihood through skill development, which will bring a positive change in their lives.

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Disaster Risk Reduction Initiative

BJKSS "Disaster Risk Reduction Initiative" has been making regular interventions in disaster management in terms of relief delivery, and disaster risk reduction in different geographical areas.

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Women Empowerment Initiative

“Women's Initiative ‘’ aims to empowering rural women and bring a dignified and a empowered life for illiterate women and prepare them to take independent initiatives.

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What we do ?

TB Awareness Program
Health Programme

TB free India, mother and child health care is an important component of several of the programmes. BJKSS is carrying out.

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Education Programme

To address are the members of the school management committee about their rights for good education and better management.

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Women & Child Trafficking Programme

BJKSS has been pro-actively working on combating human trafficking and promoting safe migration for the past 15 years at Indo-Nepal border.

Livelihood Development Programme

Aim of “Samridhi” is to improve the livelihoods of farmers and their families through progressive farming that.

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Women Empowerment & Local Self Governance Programme

It aims to bring a dignified and a empowered life for illiterate rural women and prepare them to take independent initiatives.

Child Rights prog.
Child Rights Programme

BJKSS aim child rights protection to better life  for children.

Migration Programme

Migrant rights BJKSS has taken ahead a step for promoting safe migration and sensitization of potential migrant with important.

Alternative Education for Children

Two-thirds of the way to the 2015 finishing line for achieving the eight globally agreed Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Skill Development
Skill Development Programme

Skill development training programmes which attempt to bridge the skill deficits facilitate optimization of production activities already pursued by the SHG members.  

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Disaster Risk Reduction Programme

BJKSS  has been in regular interventions in Disaster management in terms of relief and disaster risk reduction in various geographical areas.

Missing Child Alert Programme

To alert the children and their parents to protect them from child traffickers, to make them aware so that children do not go missing.

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Environment & Climate Change Programme

BJKSS is committed in conserving the natural resources and using them expeditiously to construe minimal damage to the environment.


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