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Education Programme

Education Programme


Chance of an education impacts on their quality of life and can prevent them from fully participating in their communities. In case of girls and women, missing out education are varied and complex. Through our Campaign, we are sensitizing and advocating for education systems that will provide education for all, while meeting the needs of people who have struggled to access education. Focus of BJKSS is on improving education so that students are encouraged to use and apply their knowledge, rather than merely learn facts and figures by rote. We are more concerned about the quality of education, wanting all children and adults to be afforded the opportunity to learn something useful and empowering.


BJKSS aims for equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. BJKSS shall make effort for free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education for girls and boys complete. It shall include early childhood development; care so they can be ready for primary education. Focus shall be also on quality, technical & vocational education so they can access for better employment opportunities, jobs & even for entrepreneurship.