Detail about Our Activities

Skill Development Programme


The issue and the need

The socio-economically marginalized youth in Shrawasti  District face the challenges in terms of lack of employment and also lack of employable skills. Furthermore, life skills such as self-confidence and entrepreneurship are also the primary needs that the youth have in high demand. The marginalized youth living in poverty lack the financial resource to access the required employable skills,  further keeping them trapped in poverty. Effective skill building program is a need that also addresses poverty eradication cause. 

Bhartiya Jan Kalyan Seva Sansthan  promotes vocational training program in Shrawasti  District in 2 blocks  Sirsia and Hariharpur Rani Block  aiming at enabling and empowering youngsters from families that are below poverty line. The 30 to 90 days training program equips unemployed youth (18 Years and above) with vocational skills that ensure employment with organizations at the end of training program or starting up income generation activities. It helps rural youth of Shrawasti district to gain skills by which they can earn income and be self-reliant.  A special attention is given to inculcating personal and community values in youth.


The major objective of the program is to empower the underprivileged and marginalized youth, especially young women, through vocational training. Training program addresses all the aspects of the individual, and not just the skills such as tailoring, Beauty parlor or computer operating.


The vocational training centers have been located in Sirsia and  Hariharpur Rani  blocks, right within the needy village centers. Tailoring, Beauty Parlor and Computer Operating were the main skills imparted in the training centers during the reporting year.

Activities conducted

Managing two training centers (Shivagarh Khurd, Sirsia, and Bhinga, Hariharpur Rani Block).

Training courses on tailoring, beauty parlor and computer operating. 


A total of 147 youth trained.

Trained youth received jobs or earning income by self-employment.

Program contributed to poverty reduction.