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Child Rights Programme


Child Rights Initiative @ BJKSS

BJKSS  has developed various rights-based key initiatives meant to ensure the realization of the following rights in a sustainable manner starting from a grassroots level.

Right To Survival

All children have the right to living  of  life, and  to  living conditions, health care, nutrition, and shelter to protect that life. 

  • Community initiatives to strengthen existing government health care systems.
  • Community education on maternal and child health.
  • Epidemic control and vaccination promotion.
  • community education of chronic diseases,TB, AIDS, Hepatitis, Cancer,Malaria, viral encephalitis etc.
  • Promotion of sanitation practices.
  • Nutritional counselling and education.

Right To Development

All children have the right to the education, freedom, family, and social environment that will allow them to reach their fullest possible development.

  • Establishment of alternative education centers for school dropouts and non-attendees(especially girls).
  • Enrolment campaigns to mainstream children in government schools.
  • Building entrepreneurial spirit in youths and school students.
  • Promotion of agricultural practices to ensure food security for the family.
  • Refurbishment of Government Schools in order to make sure positive influence of student’s altitude and increase the rate of active enrolments.
  • Manufacturing centers for Tharu-Tribe’s craft art to uplift their livelihoods.

Right To Protection

Children must be protected against all forms of violence, child labor, trafficking, and exploitation. Victims have the right to rehabilitation that restores their health, self-respect, and dignity.

  • Tracking of missing children through Childline hotline & Grassroots level child-protection organization’s network across India and Nepal.
  • Rescue, Restoration, Repatriation & Rehabilitation of children,found missing or in vulnerable condition.
  • Missing Children Alert commitee in specified zones.
  • Community education to prevent human trafficking and domestic violence.
  • Formation of Community Based Organizations like People’s Rights Forum.

Right To Participation

Children have the right to be active participants in their development, and to engage in decisions that affect their life and their future.

  • Formation of Children’s Groups like “Bal Adhikar Manch” (Children’s Rights Forum).
  • Ensuring participation in community meetings.
  • Organization of folk art performances by children for the benefit of their own communities.
  • Teaching process through trained Girl-Child Student Teachers.